Understanding Hidden Risks and Lost Productivity with StressFactorTM

APeopleBusiness has pioneered a workforce stress, risk and productivity diagnostic tool that sensitively identifies the reasons for lost productivity and exposure to potential Employee risk, across an organisation, using a unique blend of psychometrics and surveying.

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The data surfaced is visualised and grouped into priority areas of focus, validated by the understanding the tool acquires of the tolerance levels different employee groups can sustain.

It is then used to provide detailed insights to help you set targeted remedial action on where it will have most impact by a number of dimensions such as division, gender, age bands.

The estimates of % lost productivity, levels of anxiety and depression by Division

The Sources of Stress Heat Map by dimensions such as division/gender/diversity/Age

APeopleBusiness has the ability to run a secure, confidential survey today across any organisation of any size. We work with an organisation to agree a strategy behind the management information that is being sought with a full project plan.

Let StressFactor help you understand how different personality types have different stress tolerances and cope differently. Put in place focussed change to support different groups of employees.

Protect your reputation from employee burnout, project failure, and legal risks by taking proactive remedial action and create a culture of care and support. This will lift employer brand and reputation whilst improving productivity.

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The Intensity of Stress versus Stress tolerance