Is Your Mental Health Approach Already Suboptimal

When you go to the Doctor feeling unwell she/he won’t just put you on every generic treatment for all known illnesses, she/he will diagnose the specific issue and treat it accordingly.

Same with a mechanic with your (modern) car. Good mechanics will hook your car up to a diagnostic and within a minute or two share with you the list of issues that it surfaced.

The same theory must apply when approaching your corporate mental health and wellbeing strategy and programme, because a generic, scatter gun, or catch all, approach is costly, potentially ineffective, and worryingly, sometimes more damaging than good!

It’s why we developed StressFactor™ to enable you to accurately diagnose and validate stress levels across the entire workforce. It’s why we focus on confirming the scale and severity of stress within specific employee groups by benchmarking levels of stress identified against employee group tolerances to stress.

As a consequence you can focus your wellbeing budget and resources to exactly where the prioritised challenges are, rather than, as someone described it to me once, ‘give everyone the beanbag’.

This optimises and targets your investment to those employee groups that need it most, where incidentally you will be experiencing most issues with productivity, business risk and culture.

But don’t worry if you already have a programme in place because StressFactor™ can also confirm the effectiveness of it by measuring the stress levels of those employee groups you have targeted and who have engaged, to confirm if they are below their tolerance to workforce stress, and therefore working optimally!

All the best.