Give your organisation EARS to leverage mental difference

I couldn’t be happier because mental difference is on everyone’s lips following even more positive coverage of Prince’s William and Harry over the weekend. I’ve always admired them but what they are doing now is absolutely amazing for those living with mental illness, and those supporting loved ones through challenges.

When I opened up in August 2016 about my life long battle with OCD it was the scariest thing I had consciously decided to do, but I needed and wanted to. It was an amazing experience and I now run businesses focussing on championing mental difference.

The question I get asked by most companies is; “how”, so I built a model called the ENABLE Mental Difference Model, which guides employers through the critical stages and highlights the series of benefits and positive outcomes.

But given the second most asked question tends to be; “why”, I have simplified my response to this as well.

In essence you give your organisation EARS by opening up to mental difference and enabling people to bring their whole selves to work and comfortably have the conversation!

E – Engagement

By showing your employees you care you increase employee engagement and affinity to your organisation. Start and manage the conversation, listen and respond to the outcomes and harness the differences you enjoy across the business.

A – Attraction

By demonstrating you care to job seekers and customers you attract great employees and consumers.

R – Retention

By continuing your journey, your employees and customers build affinity, loyalty and advocacy to your brand and cause.

S – Success

This naturally all results in more productive employees, more engaged consumers, and there you go, individual and organisational success.

Focussing on wellbeing is not just the right thing to do, it’s the optimum thing to do if you want to leverage the skills capabilities and differences of your workers, attract and retain the best people and consumers and thrive as a community and organisation.

As always, you know where I am if you want any advice or hands on support.

All the very best.