How Stressfactor™ Helps Businesses Grow

At APeopleBusiness we understand the challenges and obstacles that lie in the path of business as they grow from keen entrepreneur to multi-national corporation and all the phases in-between.


StressFactor™ heatmap results

We also know that the key to business success is the mental wellbeing of the people working within an organisation, as this directly impacts productivity. Unfortunately, this critical area is frequently neglected and put on a back-burner because it can be difficult to detect workplace issues until they become real problems.


Fortunately, our proprietary business solution, StressFactor™ enables organisations to identify underlying workforce dynamics and surface potential issues. Its heat-map statistics give board level Management a visual dashboard overview of their employees’ mindset.


The real-world uses of StressFactor™ go beyond the day-to-day running of your business. It is also an invaluable tool that helps businesses during key growth stages where they need to present a clear and compelling negotiating case. These include:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Tech Scaleups

Selling a Business

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions succeed with StressFactor™

A Merger is when two companies merge to form a single new organisation, and an acquisition is when one company buys another. In both cases, the aim is to grow market share or to gain a competitive edge.


There are many obstacles to overcome for a merger or acquisition to be successful. One of the most frequently overlooked aspects that leads to failure is not fully evaluating the people and culture behind both organisations.


This is where StressFactor™ comes into its own. It provides quantifiable data about the strengths and capabilities of the people within the companies, and surfaces potential issues.


StressFactor™ presents results using heat maps giving board members an easy-to-understand visual overview of any potential issues. This in-depth information adds confidence to the path needed for success.


Post negotiation phase, StressFactor™ allows the integration team to understand both the workforce and cultural differences, leading to successful post-merger integration.

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Tech Scaleups

Take the Risk Out of Your Tech Scaleup Growth

Scaleup companies face many challenges, including developing a great ‘employer brand’ to attract key people, and securing additional funding to continue their rapid growth. In both cases, the StressFactor™ is the digital toolset scaleups need.


StressFactor™ helps Scaleups secure funding by providing VCs and PE’s key metrics quantifying the strengths of the people within the business.


It also helps create a great working environment people will want to be part of by identifying personality types within the organisation and ensuring they work well together.


StressFactor™ is the tool of choice to evaluate new candidates during interviews; it can help determine if candidates are suited for a role or not. StressFactor™ also smooths the onboarding process for new employees by providing HR with metrics to determine if a candidate is likely to work well within a specific team.

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Selling a Business

StressFactor™: The Secret Tool to Sell Your Business

When the time comes to sell your business, you’ll want to maximise your sale price and make the buyout process as smooth as possible.


There are many factors you need to consider , but one very important aspect is that potential buyers will want to know that you have a strong management team in place, and the key personnel that make the current business a success will keep on performing under new management.


StressFactor™ allows you to demonstrate that there are no hidden stressors within your workforce that might negatively impact future owners. And if there are issues, it’s far better to surface them and deal with them in advance. Finding out during the negotiating stage will weaken your bargaining position, potentially lowering your asking price, or even scupper the deal completely.

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