The tri-brand mental wellbeing opportunity

We are on the road to ensuring mental wellbeing is discussed continuously in the board room, and investment in mental wellbeing programmes will naturally increase seismically when the C suite automatically prioritises employee wellbeing, due to its potential to the bottom line, as it does robust financial governance as part of standard business strategy. [...]

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Drink your own champagne people!

This is an observation about my current mental health, and that of others, as I/we continue to focus on the mental health of UK Plc….. So I refer to my efforts to promote the exceptional benefits and outcomes mental difference can bring, and the support I give to employers to start, evolve and sustain their [...]

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My mental difference is my ‘Super Power’

I can’t say where or who because it was a confidential internal session, but I was at an event this morning where one of the panellists described his type one bipolar as his ‘Super Power’. I chuckled and we had an extremely humorous discussion afterwards because I’ve been calling my OCD my ‘Spider-Sense’ since I [...]

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Give your organisation EARS to leverage mental difference

I couldn’t be happier because mental difference is on everyone’s lips following even more positive coverage of Prince’s William and Harry over the weekend. I’ve always admired them but what they are doing now is absolutely amazing for those living with mental illness, and those supporting loved ones through challenges. When I opened up in [...]

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I’m not having a great day!

I’ve noticed something I think most of us do? I chaired the amazing HRcoreLAB in Barcelona this week and went to Changeboard’s tremendous Future Talent Conference on Thursday, and witnessed something multiple times. People (including me) were starting presentations or networking interactions with the usual polite question of “how are you”, or “how are [...]

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How to ENABLE ‘Mental Difference’ to drive business productivity

I used my OCD this morning to solve a challenge! It was during my regular 10K run so unfortunately I posted a rubbish time because I was thinking about this business challenge throughout, but never mind, I think I solved what needed to be solved, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. [...]

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Are you ‘OPEN’ for Mental Difference Business?

Since opening up personally about my own mental difference I have campaigned tirelessly on two fronts: To celebrate the capabilities, skills and gifts mental difference gives to people and how business can leverage these. Changing the language and narrative away from ‘Project Doom’ to a more positive way of discussing the subject, to encourage more [...]

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Can we please be more positive about mental difference!

I read with interest that the Institute for Public Policy Research suggests businesses in the UK are not doing enough to address the problem of people leaving work and moving onto sickness benefits, and that the biggest rise is from people claiming benefits because of a mental health condition. They recommend greater obligations on employers [...]

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