Would you like to know and be able to measure how well your home workers are coping?

Remote Workers Check-In during Covid-19

We keep being told that we are in unprecedented times, and by now all of us are feeling it. For those that can, many people have been working at home for a while now. But how is this affecting them?


At first it was a novelty and possibly a bit exciting. Then it was a new dawning and a routine, now it is entering a frustration phase that will weigh heavily on some people. For example, it is a well-known fact that to get the best out of extroverts, leaders need make sure they are part of a team with other people. But how can this work in the current climate? If not dealt with, it may lead to poor mental wellbeing. APeopleBusiness are offering a unique service to help organisations understand the impact of remote working on their key management and staff. By running their market leading Mental Wellbeing analysis tool, you will gain realistic and pragmatic insights into how people are coping together with a strong picture of what can be done to help.


APeopleBusiness has been collecting data on workforce stress for nearly 3 years now and can offer bench-marking on Stress Exposure and Stress Response Levels. Each participant gets their own insights report and the organisation get anonymised heatmaps with ability to drill down.