APB surfaces the true cost of stress amongst HR Professionals

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APeopleBusiness recently surveyed 170 HR Managers and Senior Professionals using their newly launched Stress Analytics product StressFactor. Paul Finch, Founder, says ” we have established that HR professionals are losing nearly 25% productivity caused by stress in the work place”. He goes on to add “this is effectively the cost of presenteeism”.

The StressFactor tool provides insights into the sources of stress and how it is affecting different cohorts of people. We found that the females are more affected than the men for instance by inaccurate job descriptions and unreasonable expectations. There are also much higher incidents of bullying and harassment.

Some of the key findings are that the companies are hiring staff to undertake a role that transforms into something else. Most HR Managers are hired to look after people, yet they are being driven by standards and strict procedures or vice versa. One size does not fit all and senior executives in the board room need to split the role demands apart. Other findings include ridiculous workloads and constant demands that stretch into home time.