APeopleBusiness Benefits Everyone in an Organisation

For Organisations

The APB solution is a transformational approach that will deliver a measurable return on investment through assessing the loss of productivity inherent in the organisation and providing a robust measure of the mental wellbeing of all staff

APeopleBusiness identifies the sources of issues within the workforce affecting corporate performance, presented as a heat map through a digital dashboard, with forecasts of productivity loss.

Drivers for Senior Executives


Revenue Creation

Maintaining Financial Viability

Value Creation

Business Agility

Staff Attrition & Hiring

Sales & Revenue Pipeline


Lack of Performance

Lack of Conformance

Digital Transformation

Strong Working Practices

Audit and Compliance

Competitive Threats


Delivering Change

ESG, Diversity & Gender Policy

Customer Focussed

Ethical Employee Practices

Executive Transparency

Strategic Tone from the Top

For WellBeing

Get to the root causes of Stress which will eventually lead to poor mental health if left unchallenged.

Show data to senior executives in a form, they will understand

Measure the scale of presenteeism

Understand and measure the scale of anxiety & depression so targeted support can be put in place.

Understand the issues arising from the home that people are bringing to work.

Workplace Stress: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

From Visually.

For People

How often do we hear senior leaders say:

” I like to see some stress in my teams to keep them focussed! “

… Workers in the engine room of any company do not see it this way!

Help your leaders understand the issues affecting your mental wellbeing that they can do something about.

Most leaders are willing learners, use our solution to help you explain in a safe and anonymised manner what they can do to help you to be more productive whilst maintaining your privacy.

All participants receive a personality report for their own private use. Your employer will not see this.