Paul Finch named as a Role Model in the InsightOut LeaderBoard

Paul Finch, the Founder and CEO of APeopleBusiness is delighted to be confirmed as a role model on the 2020 InsideOut LeaderBoard, #SmashingTheStigma of mental ill-health in the workplace. Speaking out about #MentalHealth helps create cultures where employees can seek help when they need it and where people are given permission to prioritise [...]

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Mental Health First Aid, Where’s Your Head At?

Mental Health First Aid England are delighted to kick off 2019 by announcing that the planned Parliamentary debate on mental health first aid has been rescheduled for Thursday 17th January. Support for the 'Where's Your Head At?' campaign means MPs are now being urged to answer the calls from across society to change the law and put [...]

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Legal adviser unfairly fired over terror stress

A legal adviser who was fired after developing post-traumatic stress from debriefing a terrorist serial killer has won her claim for unfair dismissal. Wendy Lewis, who worked for the Public Defender Service, debriefed the terrorist - described as "dangerous and violent" - in an assignment lasting more than three years instead of the predicted [...]

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Is Your Mental Health Approach Already Suboptimal

When you go to the Doctor feeling unwell she/he won’t just put you on every generic treatment for all known illnesses, she/he will diagnose the specific issue and treat it accordingly. Same with a mechanic with your (modern) car. Good mechanics will hook your car up to a diagnostic and within a minute or [...]

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Decruitment – The optimum way to lose your best people

Business has mastered how to spend £millions on attracting, onboarding, developing and successing talent. It has also perfected the art of wasting all of this effort and losing its best people and the associated investment! Here’s a leading practice approach to losing your most valuable asset: Unrealistic demands Actively heap projects and deliverables on people [...]

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Things that could get the CEO sacked

We’ve been operating at full speed for 12 months now, which has meant 12 months of research and learning from HR and Business Leaders, and policy influencers, surrounding the subject of workforce stress and mental health. It is clear that there are two main conversations: Focussing on peoples stress levels and mental health is [...]

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Stress – It’s not all about absenteeism!

As we put the finishing touches to the presentations for our inaugural senior HR leader stress debate, in London on 1st February, my view has strengthened that the impact of stress on people and business could be reported differently by industry commentators and the media, to achieve increased senior stakeholder engagement. People and the [...]

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