The APB Approach

APeopleBusiness identifies the sources of issues within the workforce affecting Corporate Performance

We then provide the evidence base to take pre-emptive actions to improve corporate health by:

Improving Productivity

Reducing Risk

Deepening Culture

Corporate Transformation Agenda

This allows senior executives and other key stakeholders to agree and commit to, an integrated comprehensive plan to improve performance, reduce risk and deepen culture. It explores:

Goals of the transformation agenda aligned to corporate objectives

Capabilities needed to deliver the goals

Critical success factors

Stakeholder analysis for delivering goals

Corporate productivity propositions with a supporting business case

The APeopleBusiness Enhanced Productivity Solution

Constant Monitoring

Regular use of the Survey Tool with predefined standard configuration and report pack

Measure new joiners as they on-board

Survey leavers as they depart

Quarterly new joiner & Leaver reporting


Insights Into How Workplace Stressors Affect Productivity

StressFactor™ provides insight into your business performance, and helps you benchmark your organisation against a range of internal and external factors including:



Skill Sectors



Personality Types

StressFactor™ gives insights into how workplace stressors affect productivity by providing an intensity heatmap showing probable causes of non-performance. You will be able to target critical areas of concern and understand the potential impact of future business change.

Our Solution will also provide an insight into the stress response levels of the workforce which is having a strong impact on their mental wellbeing.

Throughout the agreed transformation programme, StressFactor is used consistently to demonstrate progress and the benefits of change.

Paul Finch, co-founder of APeopleBusiness talks about StressFactor™

Personality and Job Profiling

Embedded inside the APeopleBusiness solution is the DiSC personality profiling tools which can be used separately to:

Gain a deeper understanding of personality types

Their impact on others

Inform Recruitment

Assist in Team Building

Build Emotional Intelligence

Our technology can be used as a standalone tool or integrated with other Recruitment and HR systems.