Increasing Productivity by Focussing on People

APeople Business identifies the sources of issues within the workforce affecting corporate performance and provides the evidence base to take pre-emptive actions to improve corporate health by:

The APeople Business solution is a transformational approach that will deliver a measurable Return On Investment through:

Improving Productivity

Reducing Risk

Deepening Culture

Assessing the loss of productivity inherent in the organisation

Providing a robust measure of the mental wellbeing of all staff.

Surfacing the hidden stressors caused by Covid-19 and remote working


For Organisations

APB identifies the sources of issues within the workforce affecting corporate performance, presented as a heat map through a digital dashboard, with forecasts of productivity loss.


For Wellbeing

Get to the root causes of Stress which will eventually lead to poor mental health if left unchallenged.


For People

Help your leaders understand the issues affecting your mental wellbeing that they can do something about.

Our Approach

Insights Into How Workplace Stressors Affect Productivity

StressFactor™ provides insight into your business performance and helps you benchmark your organisation against a range of internal and external factors:

Our solution gives insights into how workplace stressors affect productivity by providing an intensity heatmap showing probable causes of non-performance. You will be able to target critical areas of concern and understand the potential impact of future business change.

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