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Mental Health is a strategic imperative for business affecting your organisation’s Productivity, Risk and Culture. APeopleBusiness is a trusted advisor to help you address these issues with innovative techniques backed by deep business experience.

  • The NHS stress business case tool confirms the cost of workforce stress to a business is £1,136 per employee, therefore a 1,000 headcount organisation loses £1,136m per annum.

  • ACAS believe that mental ill-health, including stress, depression and anxiety, is thought to be responsible for 91 million lost working days in the UK each year, more than any other illness.

  • The HSE confirm in the Labour Force Survey that in 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of work related ill health cases and 45% of working days lost due to ill health.

  • ACAS suggests that stress related illnesses equate to £30billion+ in reduced productivity, sickness costs and additional recruitment activity for UK businesses.

  • The OECD report into the cost of mental ill health to UK Plc recommended all UK employers carry out workplace screening for depression and anxiety.

  • The overall impact of stress and mental ill health on UK Plc is thought to be in excess of £100 billion according to the Independent Commission on Adult Acute Mental Healthcare.

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Defence engineering company
“Excellent tool for establishing well-being within a Programme or Company, excellent statistics/ data which made it easy to create a robust action plan as a result”

“Insightful data, giving us plenty to think about. Compared to the HSE survey, we found the experience of working with your organisation very interesting and learnt a lot from it. Also, I very much enjoyed your approach and the interaction with you.

Mental Health Strategy

Mental Health Strategic Planning that will allow key stakeholders to agree and commit to an integrated comprehensive plan to improve performance, reduce risk and deepen culture.

Benchmark Analysis

Benchmark your organisation against a range of factors including; industry, geography and demographics. Comparable intelligence on your Stress ratings against other companies in any industry sector and geography.


Psychometric tool that identifies hidden stress within the workforce presented as a heat map through a digital dashboard. Target critical areas of concern and understand the potential impact of future business change.

Mental Health Strategy Execution

Experienced trusted advisors and change management practitioners who can assist with benefits delivery, performance and programme management.

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