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ENABLE Mental Difference

End to end mental wellbeing strategy delivery, following the ENABLE Mental Difference Model

Leveraging the ENABLE Mental Difference Model, let us be your trusted and strategic advisor to manage, and deliver against, your range of needs to start, evolve and/or sustain your approach to mental difference throughout the organisation, in alignment with your overall wellbeing and wider business strategy.

Complementing our core solutions and capability, APeopleBusiness will manage the relationships with, and delivery of, organisations and providers across the supply chain through any discovery, validation, business case, request for information/tender, implementation and delivery phases, via authentic subject matter expertise and best practice consultancy.

Trusted relationships are already in place with providers of;

  • internal communication and collaboration tools,
  • medical professional education,
  • specialist research,
  • leadership development,
  • resilience coaching,
  • compassion coaching,
  • wellbeing programme delivery,
  • personal development,
  • personal self-discovery,
  • personal support and therapy,
  • mental difference charities,
  • diversity initiatives.

You can effectively outsource as much of your end to end mental and general wellbeing aspirations as you wish, to APeopleBusiness.

The ENABLE Mental Difference Model is a step by step approach for organisation’s to deliver mental wellbeing excellence and embrace and leverage mental difference.