APB Appoints Mark Bridger as an Advisor to the Board

APeopleBusiness is very pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Bridger as an advisor to the Board of APeopleBusiness to help us expand our products and services deeper into the market. With an extensive background in Technology Product Sales and high growth scaling, Mark will bring his experience and wisdom to help APB expand [...]

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Paul Finch named as a Role Model in the InsightOut LeaderBoard

Paul Finch, the Founder and CEO of APeopleBusiness is delighted to be confirmed as a role model on the 2020 InsideOut LeaderBoard, #SmashingTheStigma of mental ill-health in the workplace. Speaking out about #MentalHealth helps create cultures where employees can seek help when they need it and where people are given permission to prioritise [...]

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Legal adviser unfairly fired over terror stress

A legal adviser who was fired after developing post-traumatic stress from debriefing a terrorist serial killer has won her claim for unfair dismissal. Wendy Lewis, who worked for the Public Defender Service, debriefed the terrorist - described as "dangerous and violent" - in an assignment lasting more than three years instead of the predicted [...]

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Is recruitment a key to better workforce mental health?

I think the recruitment strategy and function holds many of the aces! It’s been a year now since I made the conscious decision to add mental health campaigning / consultancy and stress diagnostic product development to my professional toolkit. This year of learning, personal development and practicing has enabled me to establish and confirm [...]

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The Three P’s in Mental Health

I am regularly asked what businesses can do to approach and succeed in optimising employee mental health and wellbeing, and the answer is always bespoke to each organisation. Businesses come in all shapes, sizes, geographies, industry sectors, purposes, etc, so no single, off the shelf, activity or programme fits all. However, there are three core [...]

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The professional approach to engaging employees in mental health conversation

Some hard facts In our experience anything up to two thirds of the people attending a talk on mental wellbeing will have intimate experience of mental ill health! Some people will ‘open up’, so you must be prepared, as they will be at their most vulnerable. Introducing ‘open’ mental health conversation into an organisation is [...]

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